Conniption: a fit of hysterical excitement or anger []

I am about to have a freaking conniption fit that I actually met the [completely random] goal I set a year ago and wrote 290 [baby] blog entries with 365 [newish-to-me] words [plus radtacular photos] about the life and times of moi!

Finisimo. Duusan. Done.



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Vernal: appropriate to or suggesting spring; springlike []

I spent the evening in a windowless room piecing together every bright, vernal scrap of fabric I could find – a quilter’s version of a sun dance, woven flowers begging for spring.

My fabric ode to spring. 3-20-12

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Brisance carp

Brisance: the shattering effect of a high explosive []

Carp: to find fault or complain querulously or unreasonably []

At mile 20 my muscles’ carping can reach brisance, my mind and Eminem the only things that can pull them through another 6.

Worth it (but this pic isn't after 26...those shots are too fug to share).

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Selcouth: strange; uncommon []

My parents gave me a selcouth name; it builds character.

I was called Nicorette because of these two. (circa 1979)


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Gasser: something that is extraordinarily pleasing or successful, especially a very funny joke []

I have such respect, and am a little jealous, of people who can rif gassers one after another, hitting each punchline so perfectly I nearly [or do] snort at the hilarity of it all.

This is what I look like when I laugh. 11-12-05, Olgii, Mongolia


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Iniquitous: characterized by injustice or wickedness; wicked; sinful []

I’d be a liar – and inhuman – if I said a part of me wasn’t iniquitous, but fortunately good love, good family and good friends help keep my evil twin, usually, at bay.

I'm the evil twin, in this case. P.s. those jeans are FUG.


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Astringent dowager

Astringent: harshly biting []

Dowager: an elderly woman of stately dignity, especially one of elevated social position []

I think Saule’s mother may have been a bit of an astringent dowager from some of the stink-eye I caught coming my way, but I couldn’t understand a word she said to me, so I’ll never know for sure!

Repeat pic, but I'm seated next to the dowager.

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